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Morris Invest Updates

A Statement From Morris Invest

This week Clayton and Morris Invest suffered some upsetting press, aimed at Clayton personally and the business model for Morris Invest. We think it is important that you understand how we feel about it and how our business continues to run with integrity. From 2015...

An Update Regarding Oceanpointe Property Management

Earlier in the week, Morris Invest cut all ties with Oceanpointe Property Management and Oceanpointe Investments in our Indianapolis market. In the meantime, we have been hard at work seeking out new property managers and contractors in this market. We are not only...
A Statement from Morris Invest

A Statement from Morris Invest

Recently customers of Oceanpointe Property Management were notified that the company is going out of business and transitioning to a new company called AHI Property Management. After search and discovery on behalf of our investors, we have found that this is not true....