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Get a high-quality, new construction property that provides 18-22%+ IRR,
huge tax benefits, and protection from inflation.

Join hundreds of investors earning thousands in passive income each month.

Stage 1

Add properties to your portfolio using creative funding, leveraging, and tools like a self-directed IRA, HELOC, or 1031 exchange. This is the stage where you’re focused on growing your portfolio.

Stage 2 Time in the market

As your tenants pay down your properties, you’ll enjoy compounding IRR, massive tax benefits, and growing appreciation. This is the stage where we’ll strategize ways to pay off your properties faster.

Stage 3

This is the part you’ve been working toward! You’ve reached your Freedom Number and have a steady income from the monthly cash flow your rental properties provide. You have the freedom to retire early, travel, give to your community, reinvest, or whatever you want to do. You’ve also created generational wealth that you can pass on to your family!

Understand that rental real estate is a long-term investment, not a get-rich-quick scheme. Aren’t afraid of asking questions or reaching out for help

We’ll be a great fit if you want to –

  • ELearn more about real estate investing and how to build wealth
  • EGet access to high-quality, new-build properties with outstanding IRR at wholesale prices
  • EFollow a proven process that’s customized to your needs
  • EBuild a diverse portfolio with more than one property
  • EImprove your financial education and see how to manage your portfolio
  • EHave a team of professionals backing you up
  • EGet exceptional customer service and ongoing help (for free)