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We’ve helped many people buy their first investment property and we’ve helped many seasoned investors build their portfolio of properties. With any investment there are going to be some commonly asked questions. In our many years of business we’ve heard many of the same questions over and over again. We decided to compile a list of our most frequently asked questions in no particular order. If you don’t see your question here then please feel free to drop us a line.

How does your process work?
We try to make it as simple as possible for our clients to acquire a cash-flowing rental property. After our initial phone call one of our team members will send you a few properties to review. Once you’ve picked one you like we draw up a simple purchase agreement for sale. You sign it on the last page and return it to us. Our title company then readies everything for closing. In the meantime we’ll provide you with list of things to expect prior to closing. Once the title work is completed for closing we will email you the documents to sign. The title company handles the money in escrow and that’s it. The house is yours! Rent checks are usually sent out on the 20th of the month. There are very few steps in this process.
What should I expect prior to closing?
While the title company gets everything ready to close you’ll want to set up insurance on the property. We will provide you with the name and number of a company that handles policies for most of our personal rentals. Totally up to you if you want to use them or not. Our property management company will also get everything set up for you to receive your rent checks (mailing address, etc.)They will also send you a copy of the tenant lease agreement. That’s about it!
Do you work with property managers?
Of course we do. It’s the only way we do business. We work with a few different great property management companies and will refer you to them upon request.
How do your property managers screen tenants?
They do full criminal background checks on potential tenants. They also check credit and verify current employment. Additionally our property managers verify rental history by talking to previous landlords to confirm on-time monthly payments. We have great tenants in our properties that tend to stay for many years.
Where are your properties located?
We operate in a few states like Texas and Tennessee, but our field team is always analyzing markets.
What types of properties do you sell?
We provide two and three bedroom single family homes to our clients as well as duplexes.
What if we want to use a loan to buy a property?
That’s not a problem. However you should expect it to take a bit longer to close. Anytime that you work with a bank it will slow down the process. We can connect you with one of our lenders.
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