Let’s get you ready to invest!

Most of our full-service properties require a minimum down payment of $50k. If you’re not quite there yet, don’t give up – we’re here to help you GET there.

If you’re positive you’re not overlooking any funding sources, no problem. Let’s get you moving closer to being able to invest!

While you’re working on getting a down payment, your #1 priority should be building your financial education.

The first resource I’ll point you to is my Wealth Building Masterclass series. It’s a crash course that packs a ton of valuable info in a few short videos. (Be sure to have a pen and notebook handy to take notes.)

Once you’ve finished the Masterclass, find your Freedom Number using our Freedom Number Cheat Sheet.

After you have your Freedom Number, here are some ideas for getting money to fund a down payment.

If you’re serious about getting your finances in order, want to quickly build and grow your investment portfolio, and would like direct access to Natali and me via monthly mentoring calls, consider joining our Financial Freedom Academy.