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new to real estate investing?

How to find your financial freedom number
Episode 003:

Are you looking to achieve financial freedom and create true legacy wealth for your family? I’ve found that the only true way to create passive income is through real estate investing.

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Start with the lifestyle you want

Episode 018:

If you’re familiar with my message, you’ll know I’m passionate about helping people find their Freedom Number. It’s a formula I’ve created to help others achieve financial freedom.

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The best properties are not in your backyard
Episode 006:

If you’re like most people, you probably think the best way to get into real estate investing is to purchase properties close to home. You might browse online for properties in your city, or drive past local homes for sale. I’ve got news for you: the best real estate properties are NOT in your backyard.

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The three stages of real estate investing

Episode 015:

If you’re wondering when you’ll achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, there’s a simple formula that can help. On this episode, I’m elaborating on the three stages of real estate investing from Gary Keller’s book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.

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Understanding real estate jargon 101

Episode 033:

Have you ever wondered what some of the common real estate investing terms mean? I know when I began investing, I didn’t understand what cash-on-cash return meant. Additionally, many investors I speak to are confused by terms like “CAPEX” and “ROI.”

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A simple way to understand ROI

Episode 039:

ROI, or return on investment, is the single most important metric to consider when purchasing rental real estate. If you’ve ever wondered how to calculate ROI, or have been intimidated by the concept, today’s show is for you!

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What are A, B, and C neighborhoods

Episode 048:

Have you ever been confused by the different classifications of properties? Do you wonder what the difference is between A, B, and C neighborhoods? I know many of you are curious, because I receive emails about this topic frequently.

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Why “C” class rental properties are my favorite

Episode 051:

Last week on the podcast, I gave an overview of A, B, and C neighborhoods. While I shared many of the differences between these three classifications, I did not disclose my personal opinion. Today, I want to tell you about my favorite neighborhood classification for investing.

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Don't sweat the small stuff

Episode 072:

Have you ever allowed a setback to get you down? We all deal with adversity, but in order to succeed, it’s important to not give up. As real estate investors, hardships are inevitable, so we have to commit to not quitting when things don’t go exactly as planned.

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Start up costs for buying your first rental property

Episode 165:

We’ve discussed the regular expenses you should account for as a real estate investor, but what should you expect when you’re just getting started? On today’s show, I’m sharing five start up costs that are associated with real estate investing.

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One year later an investor gives us an update

Episode 128:

Dan Barli was featured on one of our first-ever case study episodes. At the time, he was a new investor with high hopes of passive income. Dan has made it his mission to reach financial freedom, and since we last touched base, he has come closer to his goal.

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