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We’ve been fortunate enough to have many intelligent, experienced, insightful guests on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast. But there’s one guest we cannot stop inviting back to share his knowledge about wealth building, and that’s Tom Wheelwright!

Tom is a CPA, Rich Dad Advisor, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and so much more. Through his company WealthAbility and his book Tax-Free Wealth, Tom teaches entrepreneurs and investors how to build wealth through lowering their taxes. This post is a roundup of all of Tom’s interviews on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast over the years!

  1. How to Maximize Depreciation. In this interview, Tom Wheelwright explains the magical deduction—depreciation! You’ll learn how depreciation can help you keep more money in your pocket as a real estate investor. Tom also talks about the most advantageous way to set up your real estate business, and how to find a CPA who can help you build wealth.

  2. Repairs vs. Improvements. When it comes to investment property taxes, repairs vs. improvements is one distinction you need to understand. Who better to explain this intricacy than the smartest CPA in the world? If you want to learn more about appropriately and accurately accounting for repairs, this interview is for you!

  3. What You Need to Know About the New Tax Law. When the new tax law was announced early last year, many investors wondered what the implications might be on their real estate businesses. Tom returned to the podcast well-prepared to clear the air about common misconceptions regarding passthrough entities, interest deductions, and more.

  4. Understanding Passive Loss. Passive loss is an important concept for real estate investors to understand, because it can actually help you save money! In this interview, Tom returned to discuss the ins and outs of passive loss. He shared the two different ways to qualify an activity as passive, and what it takes to become a professional real estate investor.

  5. How to Pay No Taxes with Real Estate Investing. In this interview, Tom shared how to take full advantage of the tax code, how to get the most out of your deductions, and how you can find a real estate savvy CPA. We also discussed some of the biggest changes in the 2018 tax law, including cost segregation, bonus depreciation, and passthrough entities.

  6. The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making on Your Taxes. If you’re not proactively planning for business taxes year-round, you’re likely making some costly mistakes. In this interview, Tom returned to the podcast to answer your questions about all things taxes!

If you want to learn more about building wealth through taxes, be sure to schedule a consultation with Tom Wheelwright’s WealthAbility.

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