Top Ten Podcast Episodes of 2016

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This year we launched our podcast, Investing in Real Estate. We’ve hosted a lot of knowledgable guests, and answered many of your thoughtful questions. The show was even featured on iTunes' New and Noteworthy page! We’ve had so much fun putting this show together for you. Thank you so much to everyone who has listened, and left us a kind rating or review.

And if you’re new here, we’ve got a great archive of shows for you to go back and listen to! We’ve compiled a list of our top ten most listened to episodes of 2016!

1)   EP009: What to Look for in a Rental Market
If you’re ready to make the jump into real estate investing, you might be wondering where to find your first property. There are certain qualities and characteristics that make a great rental market, such as crime data, vacancy rates, and jobs. This episode is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to assess a market.

2)   EP010: How to Set up Profit First for Real Estate Investing – Interview with Mike Michalowicz
Finances are an integral part of running a real estate business. Figuring out how to properly and effectively structure your finances can be confusing, but Mike Michalowicz has created a system to help make your business profitable! Listen to this episode to hear Mike’s simple and effective formula to help you earn more profit.

3)   EP075: Tom Wheelwright is Back for an Election Tax Special
We recorded this episode just before the 2016 presidential election. Tom Wheelwright, tax genius, made his third appearance on the show to talk about the implications of each candidate and their policies regarding the tax code.

 The top 10 Investing in Real Estate podcast episodes of 2016. 

4)   EP008: How a New Dad Started Buying Real Estate [Case Study]
If you’re a hands-on person who is intimidated by the idea of passive income and buy and hold real estate, you won’t want to miss this example of a new investor who decided to take the plunge and buy his first property!

5)   EP042: The Best Way to Buy Rental Properties with No Money
Don’t have money for a down payment? Does your credit score hold you back from applying for a traditional bank loan? No problem, there’s another way! This episode is all about seller financing and creatively structuring a real estate deal.

6)   EP007: How Brandon Turner from BiggerPockets Bought his 50th Rental Property
On this episode, I interviewed Brandon Turner on how he got started in real estate, the criteria he looks for in a property, and different financing options. Brandon has a lot of insight and experience about real estate investing; you’ll want to hear his story!

7)   EP077: What is Self-Storage Investing? – Interview with Scott Meyers
Isn’t self-storage investing fascinating? Think about it: you purchase a lot of facilities, and reap all the benefits of a real estate investing without the hassles of tenants and toilets! Scott Meyers is an expert on this subject, and if you’ve ever wanted to get your feet wet in the self-storage industry, you won’t want to miss out on his perspective.

8)   EP044: How to Build a Billion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio – Interview with Alan Guinn
What would it feel like to land a deal nearing a billion dollars? Just ask Alan Guinn, he’s a successful investor who learned to let go of the fear of failure and exponentially grow his real estate portfolio!

9)   EP076: When to Start Outsourcing Your Real Estate Business
It can be incredibly difficult to relinquish control in your business, but if you’re interested in making your real estate venture a scalable, passive-income machine, you’ll have to outsource. On this episode, Natali and I talked about knowing when to outsource, and how to make your business scalable.

10) EP043: Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest in Real Estate?
Is being debt-free a requirement for real estate investing? This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Natali and I sat down and weighed the options on episode 43.