EP038: How to Build Wealth Through a Diversified Portfolio - Interview with Jilliene Helman

If you’ve ever been interested in the idea of real estate investing, but are overwhelmed by the options, today’s guest is here to help! I’m sitting down with Jilliene Helman, the CEO of RealtyMogul.com to talk about her mission to simplify real estate investing.

RealtyMogul.com aims to help investors gain access to real estate opportunities, and to diversify their capital sources through cutting-edge technology. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Jilliene is sharing the process, philosophy and benefits to RealtyMogul.com!

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RealtyMogul.com is a platform created to simplify real estate investing by connecting investors with real estate entrepreneurs. With more than 80,000 real estate investors on board, RealtyMogul.com has a mission to help individuals attain true passive income through real estate.

Jilliene explains at RealtyMogul.com, they are passionate about passive income and passive cash flow. The platform allows for investing transactions to be conducted entirely online, from signing legal documents to receiving distributions. With RealtyMogul.com, the investor doesn't need to worry about making decisions or handling property management. There's a team on board that serves to make everything as simple as possible. 

She views real estate as the greatest wealth builder in our current economy. Compared to the stock market and other investment vehicles, real estate has the highest ability to pay off long-term. Real estate investing also allows for investors to optimize their taxes. In Jilliene's experience, the most successful investors are immersed in real estate. 

At RealtyMogul.com, the focus is specifically on commercial real estate. Their deals are primarily in the four commercial asset classes: multi-family, office, retail, and industrial. They also construct deals in the self-storage and mobile home parks.

On today’s show, Jilliene is sharing the overarching philosophy of RealtyMogul.com. We’ll talk about the criteria she looks for in a good investment, and the widespread geographic diversification that an online platform allows. We’ll also discuss the power of passive income, and the role of ROI in commercial real estate investing.

If you're ready to take the first actionable step toward building a passive income,

We’re ready to talk about your goals and want to help you learn more about earning legacy wealth for you and your family.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is a K-1 tax form?
  • What quality do the most successful investors possess?
  • Why does RealtyMogul.com partner with real estate companies in different markets?
  • How does RealtyMogul.com assess a property?
  • And much more about real estate investing!

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