EP021: The One Thing Holding You Back

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to investing in real estate? Are you concerned about money? Are you worried about your debt, or your credit score? I talk to so many people that feel the same way. 

The truth is, this is a huge misconception. You are not your credit score. The problem runs deeper than that. Many of us are ingrained with the idea that we are unworthy of money, and unable to achieve true success. This isn't true! Money isn't holding you back, it's your fear of money. 

The reason I know this is because I too have been trapped in this mode of thinking. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, I’m sharing my own personal experience with overcoming my financial fears and anxieties, and specific tools and methods you can use to change the way you think about money.

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I grew up indoctrinated with a fear of money. Like many of us, I received the message from my family that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” I was focused on the lack of money, not in a mindset of abundance.

If we want to have money, we need to begin to shift our mental focus. Our self worth should not be intertwined with how much money we have, or what our credit score is.

Many people I talk to are worried about their credit score and overwhelmed by their debt. I’ve been there too. After college, I went into massive credit card debt. I was consumed by it.

Everything changed one day as I was dropping off my rent check. My landlords seemed so relaxed and happy. When I saw that, something inside of me switched. I knew that if they were capable of achieving financial freedom through real estate, then I was too.

I went home and wrote down all of my credit card balances on paper. I proceeded to pay off one debt at a time, until I was completely debt free. This was a truly liberating experience.

However, my work wasn’t done. I was still afraid of money, debt, and credit scores. I had to change the way I thought about money. I knew if I was always stressed about money, I would never find happiness or abundance.

If you’re ready to transform the way you think about money and release your fears, the first thing you should do is start journaling. Write down all of your debts, just as I did, and map out a plan. You can overcome your fear about money, but you have to begin working toward it.

Secondly, you should find your Financial Freedom Number. When you download the worksheet, you’ll be better able to understand exactly what financial freedom looks like for you, and how many rental properties you’ll need to acquire.

Once you’ve calculated your Freedom Number, shoot me an email and detail your plan to get out of debt. I’d love to hear from you! No one should have to live in fear of money. Don’t let this hold you back from achieving financial freedom.

On today’s show, I’ll go more into detail about overcoming your fears. I’ll also talk specifically about ways you can initiate change, save money, and start investing. 

If you're ready to begin building a passive income through real estate,

We’re ready to talk about your goals and want to help you learn more about building legacy wealth for you and your family. 

On this episode you'll learn:

  • How daily journaling can help you plan your way to financial freedom.
  • How giving back can perpetuate a positive relationship with money.
  • The one book you should read to change your mindset.
  • How to negotiate with a private lender.
  • Why a credit score is an arbitrary number.
  • And much more!

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