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For many people, building financial intelligence can take years, or even decades. But if you’re proactive in pursuing your education, you can bypass years of mistakes and headaches. In this post, we’ve rounded up five of our most popular blog posts to help you fast-track your wealth building journey.

  1. 5 Books for Building Financial Intelligence – Creating wealth is much more than moving the numbers on a spreadsheet. True wealth building entails undergoing a mindset shift, unlearning engrained habits, and adjusting the way you think about money, taxes, and more. This post contains five books that you can read to reinvent your mindset in order to build strong money habits that will last.

  2. How to Pay Off Your Mortgage – Most Americans are tied down by a large monthly mortgage payment. But what if your mortgage was paid off, and you could instead use that money in your budget to invest? This post explains a strategy you can use to pay off your mortgage in five to seven years, saving you thousands of dollars in interest!

  3. 2 Creative Ways to Use a HELOC – You might think that building wealth is a numbers game, but the truth is: it takes a lot of creativity! This post outlines two creative ways to leverage a home equity line of credit if you own your primary residence.

  4. The Legends Series Reading List – After hosting Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Advisors on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast, we put together this list of the Rich Dad Advisors’ books for wealth building!

  5. 8 Ways to Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal – If you intend to build wealth via real estate investing, you’ll need to think creatively in order to build your portfolio. This list contains eight ideas to help you finance your next investment property.

Want to learn more about building financial intelligence? Join the Financial Freedom Academy, an online course designed to help you change the way you think about finances, build your net worth, and achieve your own unique goals. Check out the course here.

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