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Investing In Real Estate Podcast

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On today’s show, Rod Khleif is back on the show to talk about how you can recession-proof your investments. Rod is sharing how he lost $50 million in 2008, plus tips to smartly invest during this current 2020 recession.

In this interview, you’re going to learn how to keep your head about you while still building your portfolio, even if it feels like a world on fire. Don’t miss episode 601 of Investing in Real Estate!

About This Episode

It was a good time to talk to Rod. When this interview took place, the US stock market was plummeting to a point that they closed down the trading floor to stop the bleeding. It was the worst one day drop in stock market history. The coronavirus was sweeping the globe and everything was closing down from borders to schools.

But Rod Khleif has been through big downturns. In 2008 he lost $50 million because he was over-leveraged and invested in areas that had no diversity in job markets. He learned his lesson the hard way and now he invests in what he calls “employment sector diversity” areas where the towns’ economies are not dependent on just high-tech jobs, or retail jobs, or university towns. He looks for towns that can sustain themselves through balance of workforce.

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March 18, 2020

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