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I always suggest that investors comprehensively research the rental market and neighborhood before purchasing a property. This means assessing metrics such as crime rate and vacancy rate. But how does a school rating factor into the value of a rental property?

This can be difficult to decide. Of course, you want to find a property with the best value and the highest ROI. But at the same time, you want your property to be in a safe neighborhood where tenants will actually want to live.

Typically, a school rating system ranges from 1-10. If you’re evaluating a neighborhood, and you notice that the local school district in that area is low, it can be alarming. But I’ve found that there’s a piece to the puzzle that is not so obvious.

In the neighborhoods where I invest, there are actually fantastic charter schools! Since charter schools operate independently from the public school system, they are not factored into the rating.

We consistently have fantastic, reliable tenants in these areas. So if you’re wondering if a low school rating could impact the success of your rental property, be sure to check the area for charter schools!

It’s critical that you do your research, but you also can’t always take these metrics at face value. The internet is not always the most accurate resource, such as crime data websites.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Head over to the Morris Invest YouTube channel and let us know what you think about low school ratings.

 How does a school rating factor into the value of a rental property?

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