EP059: How to Secure Your First Private Money Lender [Case Study]

On episode 50, I spoke to a gentleman named Pablo Fernandez, who was ready to begin his real estate investing journey. However, Pablo was faced with a few roadblocks; he had no money or experience. I gave Pablo a few pieces of advice, and sent him out to find a private money partner.

Today on the podcast, Pablo is returning to Investing in Real Estate to share what he’s accomplished since we last spoke. We’ll talk about what he’s learned, and how he plans to move forward. Don’t miss this episode to hear how Pablo faced rejection, but ultimately was able to secure private money for real estate investing!

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If you’ll recall episode 50, I gave Pablo some homework. I asked him to speak directly to three private lenders, and Pablo went above and beyond. He knew that if he wanted to make his investing dreams a reality, he’d have to find the funds.

He began by making a list of all the people he knew that had enough money to invest. Then he approached those who were closest to him. Pablo reached out to five private investors about his plan to invest in buy and hold real estate.

The first four investors he spoke to presented Pablo with excuses. They worried about things like BREXIT, or the value of the pound. They also considered the risks of the fact that Pablo is investing in the US, but he lives in the UK.

However, Pablo encountered a ready and willing investor, a friend who came across his blog. This investor wanted to work with Pablo, and even offered to finance two houses! Pablo and his money partner constructed a mutually beneficial note.

Today on the podcast, Pablo is sharing the exact details of his private loan, including the interest rate, his repayment plan, and more. We’re talking about how Pablo plans to structure his business, and accounting for real estate investors. Pablo is also sharing his investing plans for the future on episode 59 of Investing in Real Estate!

If you’re ready to begin building a passive income through rental real estate, book a FREE call with my team today. We’re ready to talk about your goals and want to help you learn more about earning legacy wealth for you and your family.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How much should you expect to pay to attend a meetup?
  • What is the best way to respond after being rejected by an investor?
  • Should you have a prepayment penalty on a private note?
  • What is the cheapest way to set up an LLC?
  • And much more!

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