What Is House Flipping? with Jerry Norton - Episode 503

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Flipping houses and owning buy and hold rental properties are two of the most popular real estate strategies. These two strategies work very differently, and choosing a strategy all comes down to deciding what is a fit for you.

On today’s episode, we're kicking off our new series with Jerry Norton! Jerry is a house flipping expert and the owner of Flipping Mastery, an education company that has taught real estate investors to flip over $100 million in real estate. In part one of this series, Jerry is sharing the basics of flipping houses, how it works, and how you can quickly make $10k by finding a deal.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The right way to flip houses.

  • What it means to flip a contract.

  • Why you should work with contractors if you’re flipping houses.

  • The power of wholesaling real estate.

  • How to make $10k on your first deal.

  • And more!

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