The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Houses with Tom Krol - Part 1 - Episode 419

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Wholesaling houses is the foundation of all real estate investing. If you’re interested in turning a quick profit in order to build wealth or expand your portfolio, wholesaling might be the right strategy for you. On today’s show, we’re going back to basics to discuss the fundamentals of wholesaling.

Tom Krol, the best wholesaling coach in the country, joins us to teach us the step-by-step strategies for wholesaling real estate. This is a detailed episode full of tons of knowledge. Be sure to bring your pencil and paper and get ready to take notes on this episode of Investing in Real Estate!

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What kinds of homes to look for when wholesaling.

  • How to build a network.

  • The details of finding a cash buyer.

  • The website you should use to find homes.

  • The exact criteria to use when searching.

  • Why “act as if” is the worst advice when it comes to investing.

  • And much more!