EP395: How to Find Motivated Sellers - Interview with Jessica Sanders

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If you plan to purchase a rental property under market value, there’s one key area that you’ll need to make the deal happen: a motivated seller! Motivated sellers are the driving force behind the investor market. However, many people want to know how to find a motivated seller, or why a seller would be interested in taking a low offer.

On today’s show, I’m sitting down with Jessica Sanders, the founder and CEO of 1000 Calls a Day. Jessica is sharing her company’s outbound lead generation method, how to negotiate with a seller, and so much more! 

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How 1000 Calls a Day was created.

  • From where Jessica’s company sources their virtual assistants.

  • The types of clients 1000 Calls a Day works with.

  • How to identify a motivated seller.

  • Why you shouldn’t immediately talk to a seller about money.

  • The main reasons why sellers take a low offer.

  • How to gauge a seller’s motivation.

  • And much more!

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