EP253: The Alchemist's Guide to Real Estate Investing (encore episode)

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Life is about embarking on a journey in order to discover your true purpose. For us the journey is real estate investing, and our purpose is in helping others. I recently read the novel, The Alchemist, and felt inspired; the concepts from the novel relate directly to real estate investing, business, and creating wealth.

On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Natali and I are discussing several of the overarching themes from The Alchemist, and applying those ideas to real estate investing. We’ll contemplate making business decisions on a spiritual level, the importance of overcoming fear, and how to be a positive influence to others.

More About This Show
The Alchemist is a best-selling book that details the story of a shepherd boy, Santiago, on his journey to uncover the treasure of his personal legend, or true purpose. The story serves as an inspirational guide to inspire readers to follow their dreams, and to serve others by identifying and carrying out their purpose. Santiago learns important life lessons along the way; his story serves as a testament to the power in following our hearts and pursuing our dreams with purpose.

In the novel, Santiago learns the importance of overcoming fear. One passage on this topic reads, “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” There are inherently risks in any decisions we make. But if we find the will to overcome fears and follow our dreams, we will encounter experiences that help us grow.

Natali and I understand the importance of relinquishing fear in order to overcome obstacles. When we first started buying real estate, we were so afraid! We are familiar with the idea of being held back by fear, instead of motivated by love. We’ve certainly made some mistakes along the way on our real estate journey, but those circumstances serve as lessons.

The book also focuses on the idea that our actions and successes affect others—what we do has a ripple effect. In real estate, we’ve found this principle to ring true. We strive to be very intentional in our business decisions, and contemplate how our decisions affect others.

When we purchase and renovate a home, we view it as a benefit for the collective good. By improving a neighborhood, we help a community. By rehabbing a house, we make a home for our tenant. We also make work for contractors and property managers. When you think about the ripple effect of rental real estate, it can inspire you!

On today’s show, we’ll discuss more themes from the book, and how they apply to buy and hold investing. We’ll share more resources regarding aligning your business with your highest power, and how to best serve others. We’ll also talk about how to handle setbacks, and the importance of always getting back up.

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What is the importance of focusing on abundance?
  • How can you make decisions that align your energy with your highest and best purpose?
  • What is the importance of taking action?
  • What is the significance of protecting yourself from negativity?
  • How is the digital age distracting us from life lessons?
  • And so much more!

 Episode Resources
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
The Power of the Heart
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I recently read the novel,  The Alchemist , and felt inspired; the concepts from the novel relate directly to real estate investing, business, and creating wealth.