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If you’re looking to streamline your real estate business, technology is your friend! Running a real estate business involves a lot of organization, managing work flow, and money management. Especially if you’re investing out of state, you’ll likely need to use apps to do things like organize PDFs, sign documents, and run numbers on potential rental properties. In this post, we’re sharing five apps we use on our phones and iPads to make sure that our real estate business runs smoothly and efficiently!

  1. Evernote Scannable We use this app to capture images of mail or paper documents, and turn them into high-quality scanned images. Scannable will adjust your images so that they are clear, high-grade, and easy to read. You can use this for everything from receipts to tax bills to property deeds.

  2. Dropbox Dropbox can be used for a variety of file storage tasks. We use it to organize all of the main documents for our rental properties. We have a folder for each rental’s address, which includes city notices, purchase documents, ownership documents, insurance, and more. Dropbox is an efficient way to keep track of all documents relating to your real estate portfolio.

  3. iFax Do you have a fax machine? We sure don’t! But occasionally, certain offices and municipalities ask us to send documents via fax. The iFax app allows you to pay per fax, without a subscription. You can also purchase an incoming fax number if you need to receive a fax. iFax will send you confirmation numbers, and incoming faxes are sent as PDFs to your email inbox. This is a much less antiquated system than operating a fax machine!

  4. PDF Expert by Readdle PDF Expert has all of the bells and whistles you need to read, download, and edit PDFs. You can search, make notes, save signatures, and more!

  5. Loan Calc Loan Calc is a free iTunes app that allows you to run the numbers on a loan—including interest rates, terms, and monthly payments. This can help you compare different loan terms so you can get the most bang for your buck!

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