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Another year in the books for the Investing in Real Estate Podcast! It’s been another incredible year of sharing our experiences and insights, hosting the most knowledgeable and thought-provoking experts, and telling the inspiring stories of new investors who took actions and made their dreams a reality!

We’ve had so much fun making this show for you this year. We are so flattered that Inc. Magazine named our show as one of the top business podcasts in 2018, and we look forward to bringing you even more valuable content in 2019. Thank you so much for listening, subscribing, and sharing your feedback. Here are the top ten most downloaded episodes of the year!

  1. Our Story Part 1: How Clayton Went Through Foreclosure and Destroyed His Credit – Episode 256
    We kicked off the Our Story Series in January by highlighting our family’s journey to financial freedom. This first episode outlined my personal finance and real estate failures in-depth. I shared my history, personal challenges, and the lessons I learned through the process.

  2. From Zero to Four Rental Properties in Less Than a Year – Episode 284

    This case study episode is an incredible testimony of what can happen when you set aside your fears and take action! In this episode, I sat  down with a husband and wife real estate investing team to discuss how they acquired four properties in less than a year! They shared how they overcame their fears, how they financed their properties, and their plans to expand as real estate investors.

  3. Try Adding a Few B Class Rental Properties to Your Portfolio – Episode 327

    In this episode, I outlined a new strategy I had started to implement within my own personal portfolio: adding B class properties to the mix. This episode highlights the benefits purchasing B class rental properties. You’ll learn about B class equity, ROI, and the appreciation you can expect to receive.

  4. What You Need to Know About the New Tax Law with Tom Wheelwright – Episode 302

    In 2018, the new US Tax Code was announced, leaving many investors wondering how they would be affected. We brought our favorite CPA, Tom Wheelwright back to the show to clear the air on the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years. Tom answered our questions about passthrough entities, interest deductions, and more. This episode serves as a perfect reminder as we head into tax season. If you missed this one or need a refresher, be sure to tune into Tom’s invaluable insights!

  5. The 5 Ways Real Estate Investors Get Paid with Keith Weinhold – Episode 266
    Here’s a little secret: being strategic in becoming a first time homebuyer can actually set you on the path to financial freedom. In this interview, real estate investor Keith Weinhold (who also happens to be a contributing writer to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisor blog and an Amazon best selling author) shared how he began his robust portfolio through being creative as a first time homebuyer! Keith also shared his story of building a robust portfolio primarily with other people’s money, and the five different ways real estate investors get paid.

  6. Our Story Part 5: How to Scale From 1 to 50 Houses – Episode 268
    Episode 268 wrapped up the Our Story Series, and Natali and I shared exactly how we expanded our portfolio, and ultimately purchased fifty rental properties in a few short years. We discussed the multitude of strategies we have used to purchase rental properties, how we’ve accessed cash, and the importance of finding your Freedom Number.

  7. How to Use Other People’s Money to Buy Real Estate with Stefan Aarnio – Episode 287
    If you want to become a real estate investor, but are discouraged due to lack of funds, you won’t want to miss Stefan’s story! He built an impressive real estate empire from the ground up in just a few years with none of his own money. On this episode, he shared his secrets to wealth building, including how he became a self-made millionaire in a few short years.

  8. How to Use a HELOC to Purchase Investment Property – Episode 291
    Smart investors know how to leverage, and leveraging your primary residence can accelerate your real estate portfolio growth. In fact, using a HELOC has been one of my favorite strategies for acquiring rental real estate. On this episode, you’ll learn about the incredible benefits of this strategy, including the power of simple interest and increasing your home equity. If you own your primary residence, you’ll want to hear this episode!

  9. From $60,000 in Debt to Financial Freedom with Connor Steinbrook – Episode 278
    In my experience talking to potential investors, it’s easy for people to come up with excuses why they’re not fit to become a real estate investor. Whether it’s a personal circumstance or finances, most of these excuses tend to be limiting beliefs that aren’t true. One of the biggest excuses that I frequently hear about is debt. Your debt might seem debilitating, but it isn’t a reason to give up on your investing dreams. In a matter of just three years, Connor Steinbrook went from facing bankruptcy to building a multi-million dollar real estate company. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Connor openly shared his struggles and triumphs, how he got into wholesaling, and much more!

  10. How to Trade Up to Higher ROI Investments – Episode 275

    If you take away one main message from our show, we hope that it is the importance of ROI (return on investment). On episode 275, investor Jonathan shared his his journey into the world of real estate investing, including the mistakes he made when purchasing his first properties, how he used a 1031 exchange, and his experience purchasing turnkey rentals.

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