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There are many factors to consider before choosing the perfect rental market as a real estate investor. One important factor to consider is crime rate. Certain rental markets have a high crime rate, making them problematic for investors.

This topic is not meant to deter you from real estate investing. I actually find most crime data websites to be inaccurate. My intent is to arm you with information, so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

I’m also not discussing the most dangerous cities in America. I’m talking specifically about affordable rental markets where you could potentially still earn a high ROI on your properties, but crime in the area is a deterrent. Here are the five cities with the highest crime rates for real estate investors:

5) St. Louis, Missouri. This city has been hit hard recently, economically. Earlier this year, record-breaking floods devastated the city. Where there are economic hardships, there is typically high crime, and that rings true for St. Louis.

4) Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis was number one on our list of cities with the highest vacancy rates. Memphis experienced difficulties during the recession, and hasn’t quite recovered since. The crime in the area is staggering, therefore it’s very challenging for investors to find stable properties in Memphis.

3) Birmingham, Alabama. In Birmingham, the violent crime statistics are higher than the national average. Crime can deter renters, so Birmingham is not the safest choice for investors.

2) Little Rock, Arkansas. In Little Rock, there are very few jobs and high crime. That combination makes the market one of the least safe for investors.

1) Detroit, Michigan. There are endless factors that play into why Detroit tops this list: vacancy rate, lack of city services, infrastructure problems, and more.

 The 5 rental markets with the highest crime rates | real estate investing

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