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If you’re familiar with my message, you’ll know I’m passionate about helping people find their Freedom Number. It’s a formula I’ve created to help others achieve financial freedom. But financial freedom is about more than a number. True freedom is having the ability to live the lifestyle you want.

It’s about taking a look at what kind of lifestyle you’d like to have. We only get one short life; we might as well make the most of it. We tend to plan simple aspects of out lives, but we don’t take the time to take a hard look at how we really want to live.

The first step is to be clear about your purpose. Once you identify your purpose, you’ll be excited to pursue it with passion. You’ll embrace life with more enthusiasm.

Secondly, you have to be honest with yourself. Be completely truthful about what it is that you desire. This can be hard for many people; too often we undercut our goals. Don’t sell yourself short.

The third step is to believe that the lifestyle that you imagine is possible. If you can see the vision that you hold, it will happen. I can tell you from experience, shifting your perspective makes all the difference.

Then, you have to set your goals. You have to map out exactly what you plan to achieve, and how you’re going to put the plan in action. You have to sit down, build spreadsheets, and think through the numbers. It isn’t enough to just plant the seed; you have to water it consistently.

 Financial freedom through real estate investing is about more than a number. True freedom is having the ability to live the lifestyle you want.

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