Why Millennials Aren't Buying Real Estate, and What That Means for Investors

Times are always changing, and the real estate market is no exception. In the past, young adults used to purchase small starter homes, but recent data shows that Millennials simply are not buying real estate.

Millennials & real estate - why Millennials aren't buying houses and what it means for investors.

For homebuilders, this shift is significant and troubling. They can no longer make a profit off of small three-bedrooms homes. But what does this mean for real estate investors?

I have good news for you: this change is to our advantage. Think about this: just because Millennials aren’t actually purchasing small homes doesn’t mean that they don’t need to live in small homes.

They have to live somewhere. Some people might argue, “They’re all living in their parents’ basements,” but this is not inherently true. Many Millennials are renters. And if they’re going to rent, why shouldn’t they rent from you?

The other benefit for investors is that homebuilders have had to change their business model due to this change in the housing market. Since they’re no longer building small starter homes, they’re no longer competition for buy and hold real estate investors.      

We know that the economy ebbs and flows, and many indicators predict an upcoming recession. Purchasing rental real estate is one of the safest choices you can make!

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