Need Help Completing a 1031 Exchange?

You’re in the right place.

With Morris Invest, you can trade under-performing investment properties for high-profit, cash-flowing

What is a 1031 Exchange? Click here to read the Ultimate Guide to 1031 Exchanges.

Should you consider a 1031 Exchange?

YES... if you:

  • Are thinking about selling investment property

  • Do NOT want to pay capital gains tax

  • Want properties with HIGHER ROI

  • Want better CASHFLOW

  • Want massive equity & purchasing power on future investments

Morris Invest can help you:

  • Easily execute a 1031 Exchange

  • Find new high-performing investment properties

  • Confidently navigate the tax law

  • Avoid legal pitfalls

  • Meet all deadlines

  • Build a portfolio of high-ROI properties that also cashflow every month

  • ...while deferring your taxes 

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During your risk-free informational call, a personal advisor from the Morris Invest team will help you learn if a 1031 Exchange is the right option for you and your situation.


Dr. Kayvan - Sold several over-priced and underperforming homes in Phoenix for 15 highly profitable, cash-flowing homes...and paid NO tax with a seamless 1031 Exchange.

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“Working with Morris Invest was the best decision I’ve made. They helped us set everything up and hit our timelines to get some new rental properties. The cash flow on our Morris Invest properties far exceeds our previous rentals.” - Dr. Kayvan