EP106: How to Balance Assets vs. Liabilities

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Last week we discussed briefly what it means to evaluate what you own vs. what you owe. A listener wrote us about the idea of leveraging, and how it works. Leveraging is a useful strategy when practiced appropriately, so we decided to discuss it here on the show.

On this episode, Natali and I are discussing how to assess your assets and liabilities, and how to be leveraged appropriately. We’ll elaborate on the importance of calculating your net worth, and how to structure your assets vs. liabilities. Join us for episode 106 of Investing in Real Estate!

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Leverage means taking what you own, and using it as collateral to make further purchases. In real estate, leveraging is how successful investors are able to quickly and effectively grow massive portfolios.

In order to leverage well, it’s imperative that you know where you stand. The first thing you should do is assess all of your liabilities. This includes all of your debts. Include the remaining balance on your mortgage and car loans, any credit card debt, a HELOC, etc.

Then determine what your assets are, and how much they are worth. Include your real estate investments, cash accounts, stocks, and 401k. Other assets could be college savings accounts, vehicles you own, and art. Include anything that is cash, or could be sold for cash.

How to balance assets vs. liabilities - using leverage for real estate investing.

The next step is to subtract your total assets from your total liabilities to calculate your total net worth. We follow the advice of Natali’s dad, who recommends that you should own up to 30% of your portfolio, and be no more leveraged than 60-70%.

On this episode, we’ll elaborate further on this formula, and how you can apply it to your scenario. We’ll talk extensively on the importance of leveraging, and how to use your assets to your advantage. It’s all here on Investing in Real Estate!  

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How do you calculate your debt to equity ratio?
  • What lessons can we learn about leveraging from the 2008 housing crisis?
  • What intangibles can serve as leverage?
  • How does this concept differ from the Dave Ramsey approach?
  • And much more!

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