EP044: How to Build a Billion Dollar Real Estate Portfolio - Interview with Alan Guinn

What would it feel like to land a deal nearing a billion dollars? Today’s guest, Alan Guinn, is here to share! Alan joins us to detail his long and storied career in real estate investing projects, and how he has successfully expanded his portfolio throughout the years.

Alan is the managing director and CEO of Guinn Consultancy Group, and his portfolio is expanding to include a massive international project nearing the billion-dollar mark! On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Alan is sharing what it takes to be a successful investor, how to let go of the fear of failure, and he also sheds light on the future of the market!

More About This Episode
Alan began investing in real estate around 2001, for a variety of reasons. He was smart and savvy in his role in corporate America. His peers often inquired why he didn’t start investing, or build his own business. 

Once he found the courage to begin, Alan became immersed in the industry. Like most investors, Alan was elated when his first real estate deal went through, and he found the motivation to continue growing his portfolio.

At the time, he had been consulting on a freelance basis for years, and decided to incorporate the venture. Today, Guinn Consultancy Group helps arrange financing for residential and commercial real estate. They also provide a wide array of other business services, such as offering seminars and providing franchising opportunities.

In his role as managing director, Alan offers his advice to investors. In fact, he also offers this service without charge. He is open to hearing challenges that investors face, and enjoys being helpful in supplying a perspective on how to move forward with real estate purchases.

On today’s show, Alan shares his perspective on identifying a good time to invest, and why a seller would utilize seller financing. We also talk about the importance of focusing on abundance, and creating interpersonal and business relationships. Alan has a wide array of wisdom to share; it’s all here on Investing in Real Estate!

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How can a background in corporate America contribute to investing skills?
  • How does Alan learn about most of his deals?
  • Should you seek funding through a community bank?
  • How can you find a down payment through private financing?
  • And much more about buy and hold investing!

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