EP062: How to Purchase US Properties Internationally - Interview with Reed Goossens

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The beauty of buy and hold real estate is that it comes in many forms, and therefore, there’s a niche for everyone. Whether you’re interested in mobile homes, commercial properties, or single-family homes, buy and hold real estate can be a passive income-generating machine! However, many potential investors from overseas wonder how they can take advantage of the real estate opportunities that exist here in the United States. 

Here to share how he got his start investing in the US from Australia is Reed Goossens. Reed is not only an international investor, but also the owner of a real estate syndication company, RSN Property Group. On today’s episode of Investing in Real Estate, Reed is sharing his insight into international real estate investing, the syndication business, and more!

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Reed didn’t come to the United States specifically for real estate, but he always had a genuine interest in the industry. He was never able to invest back home in Australia, due to the high cost of properties. After he moved to the New York City, he immediately began attending real estate networking events.

It didn’t take long for Reed to pull the trigger; that same year he purchased his first property in upstate New York. He found the investment through a friend in the networking event. He chose that specific market because it was within driving distance, and the property because it was affordable.

The property was a triplex that needed to be completely rehabilitated. He claims that the best piece of advice he’s ever received about real estate investing is if you’re purchasing a multi-unit home, look for units that are side-by-side, instead of stacked. This layout decreases the chances of your renters complaining about one another being loud.  

That first property was just the beginning for Reed. Today, he is a well-established real estate investor. His company, RSN Property Group works to pool investors’ money in order to purchase and renovate apartment communities. RSN Property Group is dedicated to maximizing cash flow for their investors, as well as contributing to the communities in which they invest.

On today’s show, Reed and I are discussing the learning curve he faced when looking for properties in the US. He’s sharing the specific neighborhoods he invests in, and what the neighborhood classification system means to him. We’ll also talk about all the details of syndication, including financing and cash flow. If you’ve ever wondered about international investing, don’t miss this episode of Investing in Real Estate!

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On this episode you’ll learn:

  • What are the four steps international investors need to take before purchasing a property?
  • What does an international investor need to do to open a US bank account?
  • How do taxes work for international investments?
  • What does Reed predict for the future of international real estate investing?
  • Where does Reed find his highest performing properties?
  • And much more about real estate investing!

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